Monday, December 21, 2009

Keep Your Privacy Intact – Add Large Trees

The idea behind it is very simple. While most of us enjoy the surroundings of our neighbors and friends, there are times when we really just want to be left alone and enjoy our privacy. Maybe you want to stroll in your garden or swim in your pool without being seen. Maybe you want to lay down in the lawn to work on your tan and would rather avoid any exposure to the neighbors. Or maybe you just don’t want to end up staring and smelling the neighbor’s trash every time you set food in your backyard. After all, the back yard is a part of the house. Why should you always have to be inside to enjoy complete privacy? You should be able to do the same outside as well! Fortunately for us, there is a solution. Install large trees in your backyard and your problem is solved!

Tall and large shady trees will essentially blanket your backyard and create the privacy that you have been looking for. If planted carefully and strategically, they can create a subtle, yet effective buffer from connecting and surrounding backyards. These trees will also serve as a sound barrier from the neighborhood noise and also add natural beauty to your backyard in the process. Furthermore, this will in effect create a garden and you can start enjoying the view of your landscape immediately.

Of course installing a thirty year old tree is no cake walk but there are landscaping companies that are seasoned veterans of this trade and do this on a daily basis and. So consulting with one would definitely be a solid step forward in order to get an idea of how many trees you should get for your garden or lawn and where should each of them be planted.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basic Landscaping techniques and designs

Landscaping techniques are an essential for the home owners, so they can maintain and have a strong know-how of the entire garden landscaping system. There are different techniques in landscaping and also designs, which can make your garden look completely outside of the ordinary.
One of the major techniques which landscape architects use these days is to change the entire feel of the area. Some make the flat area into an oasis of flowers and small plants, while others look to make the hilly areas into fields of gold with the help of colorful flowers. Designs like Japanese gardens are coming forward as beautiful as ever because of the lesser used plants and more creativity. Tropical Gardens are a big hit in the areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and can be kept colorful throughout spring and summer with the help of sprinklers. Sprinklers can be used in other garden designs as well to help with the rain affect for some plants.
Brick pavers and patios are made from bricks as the name suggests, and can be used for drive in’s or parking, even for the purpose of walking. Consider Japanes Gardens, they have some use for brick pavers as well, where the home owners can make a walking path between the big plants and paintings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garden Landscape Designs PA

A good garden landscape design can uplift the value and feel of the whole house. Landscaping is one of the few ways to get in touch with nature it can reflect your personal preferences whether they are modern, cultural, urban, or regional.
Designs created by landscape architects can allow you to enjoy your garden and make it a haven. Landscape architects generate ideas and then use their educational background to create and reproduce your preferences in the garden area, creating beautifully landscaped gardens.

Pennsylvania is known for its intriguing garden designs and trends. The garden landscape designs in the state are based on past culture and current trends. Some of the more preferred designs include rock gardens, Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens and water gardens.

Water Gardens:

Water gardens are not based solely on the use of water; however, water is used as the central part of the design. Water gardens may include ponds, waterfalls, rivers, and surrounded by plants flowers and rocks creating an exotic landscape. Some landscape architects may add more natural and lively touches like fishes and turtles to create a water garden that goes beyond your imagination.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Landscape designs for Small Area

Landscape designs are not only for large spacious gardens with acres of land. Rather, they can also be designed in a small area where the maintenance is easier and the compact and cheery atmosphere of the garden helps relax the owned after a long day at work.

Smaller garden landscapes are a challenge since the design has to provide for space and ensure that it does not give a look of being ‘overdone’. The small garden design can be indoors or outdoors with a small artificial pond with rocks and aquatic plants bringing an exotic look to a small ‘normal’ room.

There are also themes in which you can raise beds and maximize space available through the use of mirrors and water elements.
Regardless, of the look you feel most comfortable with, and your budget, landscape architects can help you create a room within or on the borders of your home that will never stop to awe you when you glance its way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Landscape Design - Rock Gardens

Rock gardens have become an important aspect of landscape design in New Jersey. Garden landscaping designs have evolved so much, that there are many different categories to choose from, for e.g. Rock Gardens, Water gardens, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens etc.

Rock Gardens are also known as Japanese or Zen Gardens. By the causal use of your space and some rocks that complement it a work of art can be created. Rock gardens provide a ‘relief’ from the green shrubs and plants that make up your garden.

They create a feeling of ‘Zen’ that helps soothe the soul, as the Japanese would say it. It is the placement of the rocks and seasonal plants in a rock garden by the landscape architects that helps create the ‘Zen’.

Rock gardens are one of the few trend-setting landscape designs fashionable from the gardens of New Jersey all the way to Connecticut, at the moment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Landscape Architects – Design a Small Fountain Area in Your Garden

Landscape architects are always creating new themes and like any other form of fashion, when it comes to garden designing, there are seasonal fashions. The year 2009 is the year of Fountains. Fountains have become a part of the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut landscape design and landscape architects are using them to the maximize the impact of their designs.

Fountain designing is not an easy task, especially since it has to look good, without cramping the space.

The motivation behind designing a fountain in the garden is derived from Japanese gardens where the flow of water helps create a feeling of peace and serenity. It helps the garden seem bigger than it is and generates a space for enjoyment when the harsh pressures of the day become cumbersome.

Landscape architects are working on designs far more creative than before. The typical waterfalls have given way to works of art that can be anything from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Landscaping Architects: L & M Landscaping

Landscaping is not just rocks and water with grass around them, it’s an art. A good landscape design is a sight for sore eyes, and it takes professionalism and creativity to come up with an idea which sparks your imagination every time you see it.

L&M-Better Outdoor Living are landscaping architects servicing New Jersey (NA), Pennsylvania (PA) and Connecticut (CT). Being qualified landscaping architects, they make sure that the area around your house is not just a piece of land; rather they make it a desired living area that you can take pleasure. This is not just about swimming pools or plantings; it is about creating bath houses and sun-filtered trellises, which make the space around your living area livelier and more comfortable.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to improve your home environment with landscaping

Often we sit down and feel that there’s something in this house which we could change, add, or take out. Even if it’s an outdoor item like the garden or the entire landscaped area, there is always something you can change or add or subtract to improve your home environment.
Landscaping is one of the most important aspects of the environment around your house. It makes the atmosphere fresh and exuberant, which helps in having a healthy life. You can do a lot of stuff to improve your home environment with landscaping gardens.

Plants: If chosen wisely, can help bring a good and colorful change in the environment. They keep the air clean and also help with a lighter mood atmosphere. People often mistake the plants for other ones or get carried away and get one season plants only, but if you mix the seasons up and get a good combination, you will have flowers all year round.

Waterfalls/Rivers: Artificial Waterfalls and Rivers add a ton of beauty to your landscaped garden. Flowing water is always soothing psychologically, and you don’t always have a river near your house, so not make one in the house instead?

You can add many different things in the landscape design, but choosing the right thing is always going to be a challenge, as one wrong move and you could end up with a landscaped disaster.

New Jersey Garden Landscaping Trends

Trends are meant to be followed. Every trend which you have seen in your life was an experiment at first. And then these experiments come out and become trends when people start following your designed gardens.

New Jersey is also known as the garden city, ever wondered why? New Jersey always has a trend which sets in elsewhere easily, be it the blossoming colors, or the green of greenhouses.

The trends being followed in 2009 at New Jersey include veggies, garden benches, and colored flowers, even statues which you have in the house and don’t want them anymore. All these things are incorporated in different ideas which evolve as a beautifully landscaped design.

Special Gardens:

These gardens are more like a reflection of an era passed. People like to keep a certain touch of history in their life; it keeps them engaged with the past of the world. Some people are going for the English cottage gardens, while others go for a Spanish elegant garden.

Water Gardens:

Water Gardens are actually very peaceful and nerve soothing, if put to proper use. They include artificial rivers, waterfalls and ponds with fishes, which make the area, look much peaceful.

Apart from the above said categories, there are plenty more you can see happen in this world of landscape designed gardens. Depends on the mood you are going for yourself.

Great Tips on Landscaping and Garden Designs

Landscaping is not just a term or a job, its creating art in your front or backyard and making it suit the surroundings and your home. Many people get carried away with the usage of plants and end up having the wrong combination which dies out during the change of seasons.
Instead of pondering over the thought, what you could do is read the tips we have for you next.

Choosing a design:
You have different designing softwares available in the market, which you can use to make your landscape design on your pc before you actually go all out on the field.
Plant Selection:
Plant selection is one of the biggest parts of the landscape design. You need to choose plants which would either be evergreen, or would even out when the seasons change by mixing them.
Adding Rockery:
Using rock walls and false waterfalls always makes it look lively and people appreciate it more.

Making a Patio is not that hard, designing it properly and the placement is. But if you are creative enough you can make a beautiful Patio which is useful, as well as beautiful.
All in all, you can create great landscape designs and have a good looking environment with these tips in mind. We hope you got the knowledge required.

Gardens Landscape in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania state is fairly big and has greenery all over, some people use that atmosphere into their garden landscape.Landscape designing is not an easy job, but an interesting one, and that’s where it makes a difference.Native plants to Pennsylvania are a good choice for garden landscaping. People go for more exotic looking plants from around the world which don’t even fit the garden i.e. a waste of time and money.

It’s a good choice to work with walk ways and paths while planting flowers and plants besides it. The usage of statues and fountains has become a common routine amongst landscape designers as well. There is also clear water ponds used in designing landscaped gardens now.

There are different types of garden categories which you could check as well, like the Chinese garden where the usage of stones is used a lot, and then there’s the Japanese garden which includes fishes and ponds.

You can also go for gardens like the Seasonal gardens which have all seasonal plants which work in all four seasons.Pennsylvania supports all sorts of plants, and it depends on the garden and its care taker to see that the greenery stays intact.