Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garden Landscape Designs PA

A good garden landscape design can uplift the value and feel of the whole house. Landscaping is one of the few ways to get in touch with nature it can reflect your personal preferences whether they are modern, cultural, urban, or regional.
Designs created by landscape architects can allow you to enjoy your garden and make it a haven. Landscape architects generate ideas and then use their educational background to create and reproduce your preferences in the garden area, creating beautifully landscaped gardens.

Pennsylvania is known for its intriguing garden designs and trends. The garden landscape designs in the state are based on past culture and current trends. Some of the more preferred designs include rock gardens, Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens and water gardens.

Water Gardens:

Water gardens are not based solely on the use of water; however, water is used as the central part of the design. Water gardens may include ponds, waterfalls, rivers, and surrounded by plants flowers and rocks creating an exotic landscape. Some landscape architects may add more natural and lively touches like fishes and turtles to create a water garden that goes beyond your imagination.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Landscape designs for Small Area

Landscape designs are not only for large spacious gardens with acres of land. Rather, they can also be designed in a small area where the maintenance is easier and the compact and cheery atmosphere of the garden helps relax the owned after a long day at work.

Smaller garden landscapes are a challenge since the design has to provide for space and ensure that it does not give a look of being ‘overdone’. The small garden design can be indoors or outdoors with a small artificial pond with rocks and aquatic plants bringing an exotic look to a small ‘normal’ room.

There are also themes in which you can raise beds and maximize space available through the use of mirrors and water elements.
Regardless, of the look you feel most comfortable with, and your budget, landscape architects can help you create a room within or on the borders of your home that will never stop to awe you when you glance its way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Landscape Design - Rock Gardens

Rock gardens have become an important aspect of landscape design in New Jersey. Garden landscaping designs have evolved so much, that there are many different categories to choose from, for e.g. Rock Gardens, Water gardens, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens etc.

Rock Gardens are also known as Japanese or Zen Gardens. By the causal use of your space and some rocks that complement it a work of art can be created. Rock gardens provide a ‘relief’ from the green shrubs and plants that make up your garden.

They create a feeling of ‘Zen’ that helps soothe the soul, as the Japanese would say it. It is the placement of the rocks and seasonal plants in a rock garden by the landscape architects that helps create the ‘Zen’.

Rock gardens are one of the few trend-setting landscape designs fashionable from the gardens of New Jersey all the way to Connecticut, at the moment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Landscape Architects – Design a Small Fountain Area in Your Garden

Landscape architects are always creating new themes and like any other form of fashion, when it comes to garden designing, there are seasonal fashions. The year 2009 is the year of Fountains. Fountains have become a part of the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut landscape design and landscape architects are using them to the maximize the impact of their designs.

Fountain designing is not an easy task, especially since it has to look good, without cramping the space.

The motivation behind designing a fountain in the garden is derived from Japanese gardens where the flow of water helps create a feeling of peace and serenity. It helps the garden seem bigger than it is and generates a space for enjoyment when the harsh pressures of the day become cumbersome.

Landscape architects are working on designs far more creative than before. The typical waterfalls have given way to works of art that can be anything from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Landscaping Architects: L & M Landscaping

Landscaping is not just rocks and water with grass around them, it’s an art. A good landscape design is a sight for sore eyes, and it takes professionalism and creativity to come up with an idea which sparks your imagination every time you see it.

L&M-Better Outdoor Living are landscaping architects servicing New Jersey (NA), Pennsylvania (PA) and Connecticut (CT). Being qualified landscaping architects, they make sure that the area around your house is not just a piece of land; rather they make it a desired living area that you can take pleasure. This is not just about swimming pools or plantings; it is about creating bath houses and sun-filtered trellises, which make the space around your living area livelier and more comfortable.