Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Landscape Design - Rock Gardens

Rock gardens have become an important aspect of landscape design in New Jersey. Garden landscaping designs have evolved so much, that there are many different categories to choose from, for e.g. Rock Gardens, Water gardens, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens etc.

Rock Gardens are also known as Japanese or Zen Gardens. By the causal use of your space and some rocks that complement it a work of art can be created. Rock gardens provide a ‘relief’ from the green shrubs and plants that make up your garden.

They create a feeling of ‘Zen’ that helps soothe the soul, as the Japanese would say it. It is the placement of the rocks and seasonal plants in a rock garden by the landscape architects that helps create the ‘Zen’.

Rock gardens are one of the few trend-setting landscape designs fashionable from the gardens of New Jersey all the way to Connecticut, at the moment.

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