Monday, December 21, 2009

Keep Your Privacy Intact – Add Large Trees

The idea behind it is very simple. While most of us enjoy the surroundings of our neighbors and friends, there are times when we really just want to be left alone and enjoy our privacy. Maybe you want to stroll in your garden or swim in your pool without being seen. Maybe you want to lay down in the lawn to work on your tan and would rather avoid any exposure to the neighbors. Or maybe you just don’t want to end up staring and smelling the neighbor’s trash every time you set food in your backyard. After all, the back yard is a part of the house. Why should you always have to be inside to enjoy complete privacy? You should be able to do the same outside as well! Fortunately for us, there is a solution. Install large trees in your backyard and your problem is solved!

Tall and large shady trees will essentially blanket your backyard and create the privacy that you have been looking for. If planted carefully and strategically, they can create a subtle, yet effective buffer from connecting and surrounding backyards. These trees will also serve as a sound barrier from the neighborhood noise and also add natural beauty to your backyard in the process. Furthermore, this will in effect create a garden and you can start enjoying the view of your landscape immediately.

Of course installing a thirty year old tree is no cake walk but there are landscaping companies that are seasoned veterans of this trade and do this on a daily basis and. So consulting with one would definitely be a solid step forward in order to get an idea of how many trees you should get for your garden or lawn and where should each of them be planted.

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